nce you have completed your panel and are ready to submit it to the NAMES Project Foundation to be added to the AIDS Memorial Quilt it is important that you complete the following steps:

Letter from the Panelmaker:

Panelmakers are encouraged (but not required) to write a letter about their panel.  Please take the time to write a letter about the person you've remembered. The letter might include your relationship to him/her, how he or she would like to be remembered, and a favorite memory


Many panel makers choose to submit a photo (or several) of the person(s) they are making a panel for.  Please feel free to do so, but remember that all information, materials and photos submitted with a new panel become the property of the NAMES Project Foundation and will not be returned.

Fill out the Panelmaker REGISTRATION FORM:

The Panelmaker registration form will give us important information about you the panelmaker and the panel you made.  It is very important to fill out this form and send secure it with a safety pin to your panel when you submit it.  To print / view the registration form please click on the button below.

Send in your Panel:

Now you are set to send your Panel in.  There are several options you have at this point:

Send it to the Michigan Chapter*:

Attn: New Panels
The NAMES Project Foundation - Michigan Chapter
22331 Woodward Avenue
Ferndale, MI 48220

- OR -

Send it directly to the NAMES Project Foundation*:

Attn: New Panels
The NAMES Project Foundation
637 Hoke Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318


*Be sure to send it by registered mail or with a carrier that will track your package. We prefer that panels be shipped via UPS or Federal Express.

- OR -

Bring it to a Quilt display:

Please be sure to contact the local display host for more information on how they are collecting new panels.

Important: Be sure to print out the panelmaker information form, fill it out and include it with your panel. This information helps us to stay in touch with you and keep you up to date on your panel and the Quilt.

After your panel arrives at our main offices in Atlanta, it is carefully logged and examined for durability. Sometimes a panel may require hemming to adjust for size, reinforcement or minor repairs. Next, it is sorted geographically by region. When eight panels from the same region are collected, they are sewn together to form a twelve foot square. This is the basic building block of the Quilt and is known as a 12-by-12.

Once sewn, each 12-by-12 is edged in canvas and given a number, making it possible to keep track of that block. All panel, panelmaker and numerical information is then stored in our huge Quilt database. Once this happens, you are sent information on the block number your panel is in, as well as how to request your panel for displays of the Quilt and a current display schedule.

The entire process, from receiving your panel to incorporating it into a 12-by-12 in the AIDS Memorial Quilt, takes between 90 days and six months.